Holiday Survival Phrases

Have you ever been on holiday and desperately wanted to know how to communicate some basic needs and niceties, but didn’t know where to start with traditional phrase books often overloading you with complex phrases? Iain and I have visited a whole range of countries and needed to know a few key phrases in the local lingo to get by and make the most of our stay.

After a recent study by the British Council discovered that 45% of British tourists assume that people will speak with them in English, I think it’s safe to say that we need to up our game when it comes to using languages on holiday!

We can’t be fluent in every language under the sun, but I would always recommend learning the following ‘survival phrases’ in the language of any country you’re visiting as it will make your visit much smoother and might even get you out of a pickle or two

Please / thank you
Yes / No
Hello, my name is … Nice to meet you
Where are the toilets? Is the entrance / exit / hospital / pub?!
I’m lost.
How much is it?
A table for two please.
I need a doctor
Do you speak (language) ..?

Our Survival Phrase Success Stories:

I don’t speak Italian (yet!) and when Iain and I visited Rome a few years ago I used my pocket phrasebook Italian to ask ‘where is the entrance to the Colosseum’ (Dove entrata colosseo?) admittedly it wasn’t grammatically perfect, but the kind policeman I had asked really appreciated my efforts and answered me with the information I needed!

I don’t speak any German and when we visited Berlin I spent two days perfecting the phrase: ‘a table for two please’ (ein tisch fur zwei bitte) getting the accent and intonation just right and was so proud when I managed to use it in a restaurant: #languagewins !

What language essentials do you pack when travelling overseas? Please share your key survival phrases and success stories using them with us below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we look forward to hearing from you!

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