Christmas Gifts for Language Lovers

Struggling to find the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues this Foreign language DVDsChristmas? If they have an interest in language learning, chances are you’ll find something on our list of top gifts below they’ll like!

A Film on DVD – a film that has won an award in the language they speak or films with well-known actors that speak that language would be a good option.

Music album either on CD or itunes in the language they’re learning or speak

Subscription to a newspaper or magazine in the language they’re learning

Classic novel or their favourite book in translation – my sister bought me a first edition Harry Potter novel in translation as a gift and I was touched by how thoughtful it was

Fridge magnet poetry in the language they’re learning – we have this in French and it’s a really fun way to play with the language!

Board games that encourage use of the language such as scrabble, articulate or trivial pursuitFridge Magnets

Empires of the Word by Nicholas Ostler is a really interesting read as talks Trivial Pursuit Frenchabout the evolution of languages throughout history

Prodigal Tongue by Lynn Murphy is great for anyone interested in the English language as compares British and American English grammar and etymology

Mug or t-shirt printed with a quote on in the language they’re learning such as a quote from a famous film, line of a song or silly quote as in the photos featured below…

Buy them an online or overseas course – you can find lots of language schools that offer online courses on the Lingua Centra Language School Directory

Along with these we have a lot of other ideas on the Lingua Centra resources page. Let us know how you get on with your language gifts in the comments below!

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